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The Most Common Intimate Disease Why It Is So Difficult To Trea

However, for the effective treatment of a doctor one stroke short. Under a microscope, you can quickly see the fungi, but can not  yeast infection no more determine their type and quantity. Therefore, a more sophisticated method - bacteriological seeding vaginal flora. Material for sowing is taken from the walls of the vaginal vault. Out of this scrape then grown fungus. This method helps to choose a really effective anti-fungal agent, for various types of fungi may be sensitive to one drug, and are indifferent to the other. While sowing takes a long time, it is better to wait than to take tablets at random.
They are back!

If after treatment thrush returns again and again, it is a reason to check your immune status, as well as a thorough examination for the presence of About Linda Allen endocrine diseases (mainly diabetes). However, treatment failure may also be due to too low dosage of anti fungal drugs or insufficient duration of the treatment course, as well as insensitivity disease pathogen to anti fungal drugs. As already mentioned, the fungi are very tenacious and have excellent adaptability, so the long-term treatment with the same drug may very well not to react.

Antibiotic treatment of thrush effectively, but also fungi, these aggressive substances destroy property (utility) micro flora, so today, in the treatment of disease using special anti-fungal drugs: the local (creams, ointments, suppositories), and for domestic use. Local media are usually given at an early stage disease. In the acute form, along with vaginal means used drugs that must be taken inside.

Chronic vaginal Canadianism requires a more thorough and comprehensive approach. It takes a few months to half a year or longer. First conducted a course of anti fungal treatment. Then make a study of the immunological status and if necessary, prescribe medications that improve the general and local immunity. Among these drugs occupy a special place macrobiotics - bacterial preparations containing live cultures of beneficial bacteria that inhibit the growth of pathogenic organisms and fungi.
Treatment to full recovery

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